Top 15 Best Serif Fonts in 2024

Vladislav Gavriluk

Vladislav Gavriluk

CEO & Founder at Arounda

Experienced designers and artists know that using different fonts for different tasks makes sense. One is more suitable for advertising and branding, while others are better for typesetting books, magazines, or web pages.  

The world of fonts has its fashion trends, and it's worth keeping an eye on them to ensure that your artwork is in demand and up-to-date. In 2024, rounded modern and retro fonts will be particularly popular, with unique features that make them instantly recognizable.    

Arounda’s experts do their best to keep up with the font trends in UX/UI design. In this article, we’d like to share our selection of the best serif fonts 2024 for web and mobile design, as well as for advertising and branding.

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Top 10 Serif Fonts

Using non-typical fonts can help revitalize the look of websites or mobile apps. But what are the best sans serif fonts or serif fonts? Below are our top 10 options. 

Free ID Grotesk Font 

ID Grotesk Font is perfect for printing, creating web pages, and any software tasks related to text output. The aesthetically pleasing and highly readable font is able to liven up any project. It is available under both free and extended licenses.

Free Riegla Font Family

Riegla is a free font with a 19th-century style. A functional set is perfect for small inscriptions, headlines, and blocks of text. Excellent readability unites it with its sister font, Riegraf. Now, you can create pages with typography that truly stands out from the competition. 

Free Neuething  

Neuething is a family of thirty fonts made with particular strength and precision. It is a great option for posters, banners, and outdoor advertising. The letters are retro-style and remind of store signs of the old times, which were a separate field of art. That’s why they are perfect for branding and creating various logos. 

Mac Typeface

Mac Typeface is a unique-looking font well-suited for branding tasks. It is inspired by old Ukrainian calligraphy. Rounded dots, vertical strokes, and rectangular elements create a unique style that reminds us of the times of the Zaporozhian Cossacks. So, it is the best option for medium-sized Cyrillic lettering. 

Ectasion display font 

Ectasion display font was inspired by the inscriptions in the Madrid subway. This modern font is perfect for creating eye-catching packaging, headlines, and outdoor advertising. The inspiration for this font came from the so-called "ink traps" used in calligraphy. 

Free Feogra Font

Feogra Font is a free, multi-language font, especially interesting for short inscriptions and numbers. It is futuristic, modern, and great for posters, packaging, and booklets. 


Elegant letters with smooth outlines. Angele can be complemented with graphic illustrations in the style of engravings.

Bauhaus Quil

Bauhaus Quil will be a great option for printing and branding tasks. The inspiration for this serif font comes from the elements of wood carvings and engravings. The font looks modern and classic simultaneously, which is achieved by the slight slanting effect of the letters. 


The Roma font has thin outlines and best suits food descriptions and advertising texts about health and beauty products.


The Nano font belongs to the world of math and science. It is an excellent option for names and logos of educational courses and small blocks of texts of scientific and technical character.  


Wonder which font is best for your website or app? Let's have a talk.

The Best Serif Fonts for Advertising

The advertising world is wide and diverse, and there are serif fonts best suited for advertising tasks and branding. This article will look at the top 5, including some of the best sans serif fonts for advertising.  

The New Elegance-Serif & Sans

Try The New Elegance-Serif & Sans, a timeless classic in a new reading. Its clean and soft lines make text of any size easily readable. 

Helma Serif 

Helma Serif is perfect for signage and short texts related to clothing and fashion. It is highly readable both on digital monitors and on paper media. Inscriptions in this font can be seen from afar.  

Olive and Figs

Olive and Figs font belongs to the Regal Classic family. It will be the best option for wine, food, and tourist services inscriptions. The ancient and Roman art of the Mediterranean region inspired its creators. The variety of shrift lettering allows it to fulfill different advertising tasks. All European languages are supported.  


Florentino is a calligraphic font without excessive pretentiousness, which retains excellent readability even at a distance. The set contains not only all letters of European languages but also Vietnamese.   

Theonory Typeface

Theonory Typeface will be a godsend for those bored with curly fonts. You can use it for a business card, advertising booklet, or signage — in any case, an excellent result is guaranteed.

5 Best Serif Fonts for Websites

Now, let’s focus on the best forts for websites. Lightness and readability is what they have in common, which is especially important for web design


Minion is a top serif Adobe font that has been in use since 1990. Now, designers have revitalized it.   


Almost all of us have seen inscriptions in Trajan font, even without knowing about it. After all, it is the typeface used for the movie posters of Titanic, Sex and the City, Hotel Rwanda, a Beautiful Mind, and more. Thanks to the designers in 2023, Trajan has become as modern as possible for a typeface inspired by Roman columns. 


The Calibri font family has been serving printers and designers worldwide since 2007. This font has been a sensation since its debut in the Microsoft Office suite. Many digital materials are typed with this font; it is also popular with e-book producers.  


Finding a person who's never seen this font is challenging. After all, this is the font used for the names of Western Union, eBay, UNICEF, and FedEx. Its name refers to the fact that all 21 lettering types were built with mathematical precision and in a single logic, forming a common design space for the first time.


This is a young typeface from promising Spanish designers, attractive and readable in all lettering variations. It will help diversify the look of a web page or other digital media with minimal effort.


Like any tool, each font has its best area of application. Any professional in design, web design, or printing has their own collection of the best serif fonts. In this article, we’ve listed those that, in our opinion, are likely to trend in 2024. If you need assistance in сhoosing the right fonts or other tasks related to branding, UI/UX design, web design, just contact us!

Vladislav Gavriluk
Vladislav Gavriluk
CEO & Founder at Arounda
I make sure our clients get the high-quality result from the beginning stage of the idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the font trends for 2024?

    The most popular fonts in 2024 will have rounded outlines, slight slant, and small serifs.

  • What are the best sans serif fonts for advertising?

    The best option in this case will be the Bauhaus fonts, which can have a classic or modern look, depending on the parameters.

  • What are the best sans serif fonts of all time?

    Trends in the world of fonts are constantly changing. Usually, a specialist forms their own set of fonts based on their preferences. You can start with those described in this article and gradually expand your range.

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