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Our experienced designers get hired to make complex products easier for the users. Cooperate with our fintech UI/UX design agency to get quality results.

“Their expertise and guidance were instrumental in making critical decisions. They consistently demonstrated   their commitment   to creating a design that resonated with our target audience, which ultimately led to improved user satisfaction”

Aitienne Sardon
Aetienne Sardon
Founder at MYSO Finance

Discover how Fintech businesses benefit from hiring Arounda`s designers

For our designers it is crucial not only to provide you with high-quality design, but also to cope with design problems that may appear in the product and keep it from desired results.

Player`s Health designed their fintech and insurance platform for young athletes.

Players HealthPlayers HealthPlayers HealthPlayers Health

What we did for Player`s Health:

Expence finance platform improved their mobile app’s design for better user engagement.


What we did for Expence:

Piifund designed a modern UI/UX for their digital banking platform.


What we did for Piifund:

How we create design for Fintech products that tick all of user`s checkboxes

key principle

Improving user satisfaction  and fixing UX issues

One of the most important things is how your users feel while interacting with your product. It is crucial to detect and fix design issues.

key principle

Keeping your product easy to use while it scales

When your product scales and you add new features it may become more complex for users. We pay attention on keeping it simple and easy.

key principle

Increasing customer retention and loyalty

Your revenue stream depends on subscriptions that are renewed by clients that keep coming back. Quality design increases user retention.

key principle

Differentiation from 

Make your product visually appealing and recognizable with design so that users could easily differentiate you from competitor`s.

You hire a professional designer with suitable Fintech experience

Our designers go beyond creating an eye-catching interface, it is crucial for them to offer you a relevant and specific expertise that would be a perfect match for your Fintech product.

We offer well-proven design solutions for your Fintech product

Wealth Management

We create the design for wealth management solutions that helps users stay on top of their finances and cultivate the right habits.

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Digital Payments

We make cashless payments simple, convenient, and secure for users from all walks of life, from tech-savvy to beginners.

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Personal savings

Our designers will create a professional and polished fintech app design that communicates reliability for your users.

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We have a special approach to Fintech design that fits your business needs

Our designers unite Business-Driven + User-Centered approach while creating the UX design for fintech to
cover business goals and user`s needs.

Holding a User Research

We research your users to define the solutions that work, functions that are in demand or the ones that should be added, get insights on what the user exactly needs.

Thought through User Flow

Ease the user`s path till the key action, make it obvious and exploring how the user interacts with every page of your product.

Clickable Prototypes

Gives us an understanding of usability level, helps to solve the problems of the user-flow, test with users and create the user friendly interface.

Design System that scales

Creating the design system which includes inventory of all design elements and components so that your product could give a consistent experience across all platforms.

 Turning projects into trusting

WordpressAutomaticPlayers HealthMYSO FinanceVoxeCCPaymentNew NewNetwork For Good
WordpressAutomaticPlayers HealthMYSO FinanceVoxeCCPaymentNew NewNetwork For Good
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XpenceViewBlockQtalentMinty SwapFuseEnhance DBitbyeSquad Help
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Virtana4 ParadigmBlockworksCornixKlashaGradguideMinedTeachinguide

What you can expect from working with our designers

Our designers dive deeply into your vision, requirements and ensure that your product is innovative, competitive and demanded by users.

Daily reports & time-

Transparent process
where you get access
 to working files

Meetings & regular
feedback gathering

Close cooperation,
flexibility and comfort

Our partners find numerous reasons to love us


“They understood our idea and gave us more feedback than expected. They did more than we asked them to do, which was excellent. Arounda produces excellent quality work.”

Kristen Cheng

Kristen Cheng

Founder & CEO, BehindTitles

“Their expertise and guidance were instrumental. They demonstrated their commitment to creating a product that resonated with our target audience, which led to improved user satisfaction.”

Aetienne Sardon

Aetienne Sardon

Founder, MYSO Finance

“The process was something to be admired, they have a great idea of how to turn an idea into a visual product. They would also immediately make changes to any improvements we mentioned.”

Mohamed Shegow

Mohamed Shegow

CEO, Sinta

“We had a feeling that Arounda is not just a contract outsourcing team but part of our startup company. We had super close communication. ”

Kirill Onasenko

Kirill Onasenko


“Their UI/UX design skills were very impressive. Modern, creative, and best in class plus they were intuitive and 'got what we wanted' without any hand-holding and minimal direction.”

Esme Guevara

Esme Guevara

CMO & Head of Product, QTalent

“Throughout the entire project all I saw was sheer will to keep pushing forward and adapting to whatever the next request was. Terrific job and we couldn't have done it without you.”

Ola Olusoga

Ola Olusoga

Vice President, WordPress

Frequently asked questions

What is Fintech design?

Fintech design aims to create user-centric, secure, and innovative interfaces and experiences that empower users to manage their finances, make informed decisions, and achieve their financial goals effectively and efficiently.

How long does it take to start a Fintech project?

Once there is clarity on the requirements, we can estimate the project and get started working on it right away.

How much does it cost to design a fintech app design?

The cost is influenced by many factors (such as the work scope ans size (for instance, is it a web/mobile app or an entire platform), etc.

What are the challenges in creating design for fintech?

Creating design for fintech poses challenges such as security and compliance, building user trust, simplifying complex financial products, effective data visualization, cross-platform compatibility, accessibility, fraud and security risks, and staying abreast of regulatory changes.

How to hire a fintech design agency?

Just reach out to us and we can help you design any Fintech project you got since our expertise covers these projects as well.

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