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Fintech design is different. It requires complying with regulations and introducing the highest security protocols – all while making the user experience as frictionless as possible.

We launch & transform project ideas intoinnovative Fintech digital products!

We deliver more than a sleek user interface

We do more than deliver the best Fintech app design possible. Our  team of designers is ready to make your product a reality – and ensure it’s performant, scalable, compliant, and highly secure. Be it a wealth management application, a digital payment solution, or a banking platform, we have the right specialists for your project.

Helping startups cut costs

Innovative startups need an MVP as soon as possible and can’t afford to spend millions on it. With us, you can achieve your business goals with a quality product despite your limitations. For Arounda, delivering scalable MVPs as fast as possible is common work.

Maximizing user trust & transparency

Successfully fostering trust is essential for your product’s success. We understand it. So, we pay extra attention to users’ potential concerns and address them in every Fintech app design we work on. We also ensure that transparency is at the core of the user journey.

Keeping your onboarding & authentication easy and compliant

As your product grows, you risk overwhelming users with new complex features. We can help you keep the user experience simple despite the rising complexity of your product. Our designers also know how to make your product compliant without compromising the UX quality.

We have developed our signature Fintech Approach to deliver innovative and personalized solutions

  • In-house level involvement in your product

    We’re here for you at every step of the way, from idea discovery and strategy to the product’s development and launch. Consider us an addition to your in-house team – but without all the downsides of in-house hiring.

  • We keep the process transparent

    We’ll always share with you what we do, when, and how – and you’ll be able to see our team’s progress on every task in a time-tracking tool. We’ll also listen closely to your feedback – and adapt to it.

  • We provide flexible approach for your time

    We work according to the agile methodology, meaning we break the project down into weekly sprints with established deliverables. This allows us to adapt the roadmap according to your feedback and your business’s needs.

Fintech Expertise

Arounda is your best choice if you’re looking for a Fintech design agency with extensive Fintech industry experience. Our team has numerous projects in various Fintech niches and is ready to provide innovative & personalized solutions for your digital product.

  • Wealth Management

    We design the UX that helps users stay on top of their finances and cultivate the right habits.

  • Digital Payments

    We make cashless payments simple, convenient, and secure for users from all walks of life, from tech-savvy to beginners.

  • Banking Platform

    We help banks integrate the digital economy and neobanks – rival their incumbent counterparts.

  • Exchanges

    We leverage the power of data visualization and the highest security standards to deliver exchange solutions.

  • Trading platforms

    We create trading platforms that efficiently handle large amounts of data and deliver valuable insights to users.

Fintech UX design tasks we can tackle for you

  • AML & KYC Compliance

    Fintech products must comply with AML and KYC guidelines.We approach KYC compliance in UX design for Fintech by breaking down the registration into small chunks.

  • Irrational Customer Behavior

    As a Fintech design agency, Arounda integrating educative user flows into the most complex products. We’ve also mastered using positive reinforcement in UX to help users cultivate good financial habits.

  • Financial Jargon

    Complex financial language can scare off some users – and become a headache for others. When we design for Fintech, we work on the UI copy closely with the client. 

  • Trust-Building

    Trust is the cornerstone of the relationship between the Fintech company and its customers. As a Fintech UX design company, we do our share to help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

  • Cybersecurity

    UX design in Fintech has to consider security risks – and require users to create strong passwords. We can mitigate other cybersecurity risks, like phishing, through education as a part of UX flows.

  • Fragmented Products

    We can help you create a software ecosystem during our Fintech mobile app design process to bring everything to one place – just like users prefer it.

Need an engaging
Fintech product design?

Our dedicated design and development team guarantees your product`s success and customer loyalty!

Our Fintech design & development works have contributed to our client's market acceptance & success

From MVP to successful digital product

For over five years, Arounda has helped Blockchain startups, small and middle companies to launch, raise funds and get the high-quality result from the beginning stage of the idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.

  • 1.

    Discovery Stage

    We begin our collaboration from the discovery stage. During it, we will have a workshop with you to define the idea's concept, review all the materials you have, and create a roadmap.

  • 2.

    Product Design

    We craft a product to boost your brand awareness and customer loyalty and increase product revenues and conversion rates. Our Fintech design positively affects key product indicators, including customer return rates and product credibility.

  • 3.

    Product Development

    Our front-end and back-end development team is here to help you improve or build your digital product. We develop highly-performing, fully functional, and secure web & mobile experiences that can be scaled as your business grows.


We’ve cultivated the friendly environment where our professionals have the necessary resources to create the best digital experiences.

  • Dedicated & flexible team

    Maximum involvement in the project and a profound understanding of customer’s expectations is what our team is always striving to reach.

  • Long-term relationships

    We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, as well as inside the team.

  • Team members

    We choose our team members carefully and when we find good people, we tend to work with them for years.

  • Taking the initiative

    We are proactive and take the lead with our fresh ideas and their creative implementation.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Fintech design?

    Fintech design is the process of creating the user flows and user interface for Fintech products – i.e., the products that leverage technology to deliver financial services. The term refers both to the UX design and the Fintech app UI design that’s based on UX research and flows.

    Fintech design isn’t unlike product design in other industries but has its peculiarities. Crafting a Fintech product requires a solid understanding of applicable regulations, for one. The best Fintech design should also be driven by comprehensive market and UX research, customer feedback, and industry-specific security practices.

  • What is UX in Fintech?

    UX stands for user experience – i.e., how the user interacts with the product and how they feel during and after those interactions. Four key criteria determine its quality: value, function, usability, and general impression.

    UX design, in turn, is the process of crafting products that are intuitive and convenient to use. UX design in Fintech, like in any industry, relies heavily on market research and user personas. But it also has to take into account compliance with AML and KYC policies and cybersecurity risks.

  • Why is Fintech design important?

    Design can make or break your product’s success. When done right, UI/UX design in Fintech products can help you build a trusting relationship with your customers, make your product intuitive and convenient in use, and stand out from the competition.

    Poor design, on the contrary, can leave your users dissatisfied, driving up the abandonment and bounce rates and making it hard to grow your customer base.

  • Why turn to a Fintech design agency?

    An agency that specializes in Fintech design has the relevant expertise in UI/UX design and development that is required for a successful Fintech product launch. This expertise is available for hire from the get-go.

    Compared to in-house projects, external design agencies can start working on your product promptly and at a lower cost. And compared to freelance designers, agencies like Arounda guarantee the quality of the Fintech graphic design and the final product. They also have the resources to deliver it faster and without major hiccups.

  • What kind of Fintech companies do you work with?

    At Arounda, we specialize in working with established SMEs and startups. Over the past five years, our Fintech design agency helped multiple clients launch their products, attract investors, and build their customer base. To do it, we rely on thorough business analysis, product strategy development, and solid UX research.

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