Healthcare Design Agency

As a Healthcare UX design agency, we’re well-versed in facilitating complex workflows, ensuring compliance, and designing with care about your users. Let us bring our industry expertise and deliver a human-centric, intuitive Healthcare design that sets your product up for success.

We launch & transform project ideas intoinnovative Healthcare digital products!

Arounda is your full-range Healthcare design partner

We’re not just excellent user interface designers. We’re a Healthcare design agency that makes complex things simple. Data visualization, comprehensive UX research, and empathy-driven UX design help us do so. We never overlook regulatory compliance and accessibility in our design process.

We ensure top-notch product quality

Our team specializes in working with Healthcare startups and SMEs. So we’ll do an outstanding job with your budget and deadlines in mind – and you’ll get a quality Healthcare product that matches your goals.

We put ourselves into users’ shoes

We aim to create a Healthcare design that helps your business attract and retain customers, boosting your bottom line. To help you achieve your KPI goals, we approach UX design with the empathy and research that a human-centric product requires.

We’re here to help your product grow

At Arounda, we remain at your disposal to help your product mature and evolve without alienating your existing user base. To this end, we ensure the ensemble of its user flows remains intuitive and smooth across the board.

Delivering bespoke, cutting-edge solutions is Arounda's signature Healthcare Design Approach

  • In-house level of involvement

    Collaboration is the cornerstone of successful product development. That’s why we cooperate closely with you and your in-house team at every step. We also adapt to your needs to help you meet your goals.

  • Maximum transparency

    With us, you don’t have to wonder about what we’ve been up to. Instead, you’ll directly access to our project management & time tracking tools. We also quickly act on client feedback to maximize our partnership.

  • Flexibility & adaptability built-in

    We’re agile methodology adepts. Working in weekly sprints with clear deliverables allows us to show tangible results quickly. We can adapt the project roadmap to your newly defined objectives without a hitch.

Healthcare Expertise

If you’re looking for a creative healthcare agency with extensive hands-on experience, Arounda is your best choice. Our team has aced projects in various Healthcare & Wellness niches, we’re ready to craft innovative, befitting solutions for your digital product.

  • Wellness & Fitness

    Turn your target audience into loyal users of your Wellness & Fitness product with human-centric design.

  • Healthy lifestyle

    Help your users lead a healthy lifestyle with a habit-tracking app or a dieting platform that engages and converts.

  • Insurance

    Streamline claim management and processing & match high CX expectations with a secure, compliant, data-driven solution.

  • Mental health

    Deliver mental health help to those in need with a product that’s privacy-driven, intuitive, and designed with empathy.

Healthcare design challenges we can help you overcome

  • Regulatory compliance

    Healthcare is a strictly regulated industry. You have to comply with multiple sets of regulations if you launch a product for an international audience. We can help you navigate all the legal jargon and ensure your product complies with regulations like HIPAA and GDPR to the letter.

  • Complex workflows

    Healthcare workflows and data tend to be overly convoluted to uninitiated users. That’s where we, as a Healthcare UI design agency, come in. We make every part of the process intuitive and convenient for users with varying digital literacy levels.

  • Accessibility

    Chances are high that your product will be used by people with drastically different levels of digital literacy or some form of disability. Therefore, design it with all users’ particular needs in mind. We can help you implement W3C accessibility guidelines and make it intuitive.

  • Data privacy & security

    A Healthcare or Wellness product deals with extremely sensitive personal data, and your users are now mindful of the risks sharing data entails. That’s why we’re here to lend you our expertise in keeping user data secure – and reassuring your customers their data is safe with you.

  • Interoperability

    Different Healthcare providers may use different devices and operating systems, sometimes including old and outdated ones. So, you’ll have to ensure your product’s interoperability on many screens and systems. We will deliver a responsive product for any device.

Need an engaging
Healthcare product design?

Our dedicated design and development team guarantees your product`s success and customer loyalty!

Our Healthcare design & development works have contributed to our client`s market acceptance & success

From MVP to successful digital product

Since 2016, Arounda has been helping Healthcare startups & SMEs to launch, raise funds and succeed at every step of the way, from idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.

  • 1.

    Discovery Stage

    We kick off our cooperation with the discovery stage. During it, we have a workshop with our client to define the idea's concept, review all the materials they have, and create a roadmap.

  • 2.

    Product Design

    We thoughtfully craft the product’s user flows to boost brand awareness, customer loyalty, product revenues, and conversion rates. As a result, you get a Healthcare design that positively affects key product indicators like customer return rates and brand credibility.

  • 3.

    Product Development

    Our front-end & back-end development team takes the lead and turns your product design into a functional, fast, secure, and scalable application. Or, according to your request, we can optimize your existing product across the board.


We’ve cultivated the friendly environment where our professionals have the necessary resources to create the best digital experiences.

  • Dedicated & flexible team

    Maximum involvement in the project and a profound understanding of customer’s expectations is what our team is always striving to reach.

  • Long-term relationships

    We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, as well as inside the team.

  • Team members

    We choose our team members carefully and when we find good people, we tend to work with them for years.

  • Taking the initiative

    We are proactive and take the lead with our fresh ideas and their creative implementation.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Healthcare design matter?

    Well-thought-out Healthcare design in digital products matters for multiple reasons: Rendering healthcare services easier to use and more accessible for users from all walks of life, including those with some form of disability.

    Helping users to make more informed decisions and achieve better health outcomes.

    Facilitating communication between all parties involved (healthcare professionals, patients, hospitals, etc.)

    Helping healthcare providers save time and other resources by streamlining certain tasks and automating others.

    Boosting user satisfaction, conversion, and retention thus allowing product owners to gain a higher return on investment

  • What is Healthcare design?

    Healthcare design is creating intuitive, secure, and compliant user experiences for digital Healthcare & Wellness products. It ensures that end users can enjoy using the product without any friction.

  • Will Healthcare design help you to generate leads and sales?

    It can, but only when done right. That’s why choosing the right Healthcare design agency with hands-on experience is crucial. Only this expertise allows for designing human-centric user experiences that boost brand awareness, conversion rates, and customer loyalty. This, in turn, positively impacts lead generation and sales.

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