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What are the key business challenges

Developed a flexible logistics system
We adapted the Clark-Wright method for optimal delivery of several food orders from a restaurant by one courier, taking into account all the specifics of such delivery
Have created universal platform
We developed a universal order processing system for shops and restaurants without a direct connection to the partner’s internal system.Added a system for the quick integration of new partners on the platform.
Built motivation for executors
Created a motivation system for couriers in the application with the division of orders by delivery area. As a result, the best couriers can receive the best orders in the best areas and earn more
Implemented innovative solutions for online transactions/payments
Developed a solution for online payment of all orders in the service and the further distribution of funds between process participants. Guaranteed a refund to the client, until the receipt of your order

As a result

Increased business liquidity
Fulfil time of each order dicreased in 40-50%
Developed a complex logistics system
Thus we optimized costs and expedited delivery by 25%
Dicreased company expenses
By developing a unique staff motivation delivery system

Flexible customer-oriented interaction model

Time & Material
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