Infinite Scrolling Best Practices

Vladislav Gavriluk

Vladislav Gavriluk

CEO & Founder at Arounda

Endless scrolling has been dominating the world of web design trends, overshadowing the traditional pagination concept. But is it truly as great as it seems? Certainly, infinite scrolling offers a continuous flow of content, but it comes with its own issues.

At Arounda, we understand the nuances of UX design, and we're here to provide you with solutions for implementing infinite scrolling. As a design firm, Arounda specializes in finding a unique approach for every website, crafting the most suitable solutions that are up-to-date with design trends and cater to the needs of every business.

Before we delve into the problems and solutions of the endless scroll, allow us to start by defining the concept itself.

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What is Infinite Scrolling?

Infinite scrolling is a technique that enables users to scroll seamlessly through a web page's content without reaching an endpoint. New content dynamically appears at the bottom as users scroll down, creating an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Pagination vs Infinite Scroll: What Is the Difference?

In the world of web design, infinite scrolling stands in contrast to traditional pagination, where content is separated into distinct pages. Pagination utilizes page numeration and clickable links, such as "Next" and "Back" buttons, to improve navigation. This structure provides a controlled and organized web-surfing experience, making pagination particularly well-suited for archives and forums.


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Benefits of Classic Infinite Scrolling

The classic endless scroll has its own advantages. It provides an immersive user experience by removing extra buttons. Users can effortlessly scroll through a continuous stream of content, mirroring the natural flow of social media platforms. Moreover, this continuous content flow boosts engagement, keeping users absorbed for longer.

Problems with Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling might sound exciting in theory, but it's a different story in practice. What's the value of having engaged users who are immersed in scrolling if they can't navigate the website? Is mobile-friendly design worth it if users can't share a link to a specific item on a page? Allow us to delve into the key problems of the infinite scrolling method and explore why addressing these challenges is crucial for optimizing the user experience.

Lack of Control 

When faced with an endless page, users do not have much control over how content is being presented. There are no filter options, no page breaks — just one long website filled with information. Infinite scrolling limits users' control over the content they see and how much is displayed at any given time. This approach might seem overwhelming to some users who came looking for answers but were instead drowned in an uncontrollable wave of information.

Navigation Difficulty

Bouncing off the lack of control raises the next issue — no navigation options. Without clear distinctions between the "old" and "new" segments of the content, browsing through infinite scrolling becomes a challenge. Users have no way of backtracking or finding specific information that came up along the infinity page earlier. All they can do is scroll backward, hoping to stumble upon it again.

Scrollbar Challenges

An old and familiar concept of a scrollbar seems to be abandoned by endless pages. Without a visual guide, it becomes hard for users to track their progress on the page. In the absence of a conventional scrollbar, there are no promises to the users regarding the content size, and there is no way to predict the length of a page.

Overwhelming Option

Infinite scroll example perfectly shows how the constant stream of information can overwhelm some users, leading to decision fatigue and disorientation. It prevents users from making informed choices. This, in turn, makes it harder for them to enjoy the website.

Bookmarking Issues

Let's imagine that, despite being unable to filter and feeling lost, the user finds a product they are interested in. They are not ready to buy but intrigued enough to send it to a friend or save it for themselves. Infinite scrolling design fails to provide the user with an option to do so. Since the page consists of constantly loading content pages, it is hard to pinpoint a specific place for later reference. Frustrated by the lack of options, the user is left with no choice but to continue scrolling, hoping to rediscover the product later. This inability to save or share specific items limits user engagement with the website.

Footer Inaccessibility

Traditional footers often contain essential links or information but become inaccessible in the endless scrolling concept. The continuous nature of infinite scrolling makes it impossible for users to reach the footer easily. Therefore, they can not access links like “Learn More” and “Help” that footers usually provide.

Rules for Good Infinite Scroll

This is why Arounda is here to help. Yes, endless scrolling has issues, but it still is great for social media, news, and some businesses. With a set of scrolling UX best practices, we can transform an infinite page into a pleasant user experience without losing the benefits of the concept. 

Integrate a "Load More" Pattern

Regain control over the page by incorporating a "Load More" pattern! Empower users to control when new content is loaded despite having an endless page. This compromise gives users a sense of agency and prevents overwhelming feelings associated with a constant stream of information. Users can choose to load additional content at their own pace and continue scrolling.

Include a "Back Button" Functionality

Allow users to revisit content — implement a "Back Button". It will allow users to navigate within the infinite scroll and retain their position in the content list. This solution helps users to backtrack easily, preventing the loss of progress and contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

Use Footer Reveal

Implement a footer reveal — ensure that users can access footer links during infinite scrolling. This enhances navigation by providing access to essential links and information, balancing continuous scrolling and easy access to key elements.

Provide Dynamic URL Updates

Dynamic URL updates as users scroll down allow for bookmarking or sharing specific positions within the infinite scroll. This feature allows users to save and share precise points in the content, crafting a more personalized and shareable browsing experience.

By following those rules, designers can benefit from infinite scrolling while managing the challenges of the concept. This approach ensures better control, improved navigation, and enhanced user engagement, making infinite scrolling a more viable and user-friendly design choice.


Infinite scrolling is a great fit for content with a continuous flow and a large volume of items, especially beneficial for product listings, news, and blog feeds. This design provides users with an uninterrupted browsing journey. However, achieving a positive user experience demands thoughtful consideration of user preferences, content characteristics, and potential challenges. For tailored recommendations and expert assistance with your website, contact Arounda. Our professionals are ready to study your unique needs and ideas for the best possible results.

Vladislav Gavriluk
Vladislav Gavriluk
CEO & Founder at Arounda
I make sure our clients get the high-quality result from the beginning stage of the idea discovery & strategy to the final digital product.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you optimize infinite scroll?

    To optimize infinite scroll, give users control over loading new content at their own pace, enhance navigation within the content, and provide a clear indication of the page's length. Ensure accessibility to the footer and enable bookmarking for a more user-friendly experience.

  • Does infinite scroll improve performance?

    Infinite scroll can impact performance if not optimized correctly. However, proper implementation, including lazy loading and efficient content delivery, can enhance performance by reducing the need for multiple page loads.

  • Is infinite scroll good for SEO?

    While infinite scroll can provide a positive user experience, it may present challenges for SEO. Search engines struggle to register content hidden behind infinite scroll, and this can potentially impact search visibility.

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