Independent wealth management

Independent wealth management

The branding strategy and an ICO campaign for a financial platform that offers blockchain security and wealth protection. The platform protects its users from market inconsistencies and helps to manage their wealth independently.

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  • Project idea

    Gigzi is an intelligent fintech startup built using an Ethereum platform and backed up with smart contracts. This newly deployed ecosystem revolutionizes the way blockchain security, stability, and wealth are managed. Users of the platform may easily invest in cryptocurrencies to generate money and make bank transfers.

  • Task description

    Design has a major effect on business, and in this case, the client asked us to help with the branding of their company. In our audit, we noticed a lack of good graphics and branding design, UI/UX, etc. The first task for us was to create a consistent landing page for the client and then start with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) campaign development.

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Team size
  • Time
    1 year
  • Industry

What is Gigzi?

Gigzi is an innovative financial system that provides users with blockchain security and wealth management. The platform operates on a decentralized network and has three main components developed by our team: Wallet, Exchange, and Treasury. Our research helped us to create a full-fledged ICO cabinet and promo materials for the marketing campaign.

Arounda has been our strategic partner for 3 years. A talented team that consistently delivers 1st class results on our projects
El Asmar
El Asmar
Founder at Gigzi

Challenges and Objectives

The platform has been in development for one and a half years, and it includes the system architecture design and IriTech biometric security system.

Landing page development
  • Landing page development
  • Appealing design of the main page
  • Clear and user-friendly interface
  • New branding and UI
ICO Cabinet
  • Adding a cabinet for the purchase of ICO tokens
  • Working on the ICO cabinet development from scratch
  • Making research and providing relevant marketing materials
  • Adding features to easily manage any currency
  • Introducing Gigzi Wallet with advanced functionality
  • Providing conversion of any national currencies
  • Integrating Iritech biometric security system
  • Adding feature to convert cryptocurrencies into precious metals
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Gigzi process


We presented a great branding strategy for the client. The whole team was involved in the process of creating a landing page for the product, brainstorming new ideas and key decisions for product positioning and promotion.

gigzi image
gigzi image
gigzi image
gigzi image
gigzi landing

Landing pages

Once our research was done and promo materials were developed, we started to work on the issues regarding the UX/UI and came up with a new unique interface for the landing page. Our goal was to deliver the core message of this financial system platform through illustrious graphic design, animations, and content.

Ico cabinet

We created an ICO cabinet and provided promo materials in that regard. We also designed the web app so that users could access their cabinets from any device. Our developers underwent dozens of brainstorming activities to enhance the cabinet with useful functionality.

gigzi image
gigzi image


Arounda agency’s developers provided the Gigizi wallet with advanced features, combining a banking system with cryptocurrency technology. We also introduced the system to process transactions via QR codes and the ability for users to create and get delivered real physical credit card along with some extra functionality for card management.

gigzi image
gigzi image
gigzi image

How Gigzi Helped

Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces.

Developing Brand Identity

Our team provided promo materials and worked on brand identity. We presented a great alternative vision to how traditional financial system should be handled and added up-to-the-minute branding elements.

Creating a Landing Page

We worked on a new unique design for the landing page. Our experts delivered the main message of the financial system platform with exceptional design and animations.

Adding the ICO Cabinet

One of the newest types of financial technology elements, we aimed to help the world's first financial institution meet the demand in a cryptocurrency world.

Making Wallet

Working on the wallet from scratch, we came up with a product that had advanced functionality that, at its core, combined the banking system and cryptocurrencies.

IriTech Security

Our team introduced an innovative IriTech biometric security system that gives users the convenience of accessing the Gigzi platform. Advanced Iris recognition technology had also been added.

Gigzi’s vision is to have a financial system that enables users worldwide

Key ideas

Ledger Technology

We provided a ledger financial system technology that engages users in independent wealth management. Thanks to its nature, this technology makes cryptocurrency market interesting to a general user.

IriTech Security

IriTech biometric security system gives users maximum convenience of interaction with the platform. We also added advanced Iris eye recognition feature through the partnership with the IriTech company.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts and blockchain technology connect financial and business strategies with the security and functionality within a single platform.



While working on this project our main goal was not just to tweak design, but to work on improvements regarding user experience and introduce extra services needed for the product to stand out. We worked hard to provide users with a good service while using Gigzi. Together with the Product Manager, Creative Director, UX and UI designer, Brand Leader, Graphic & Motion designer, and Front-end developer, we helped to create a distinctive financial platform. For this project, we used the time and material approach (T&M) to reveal all cost and time estimates prior to starting the work.

3+ years

Scope of work

Discovery & Strategy
  • Define idea value
  • Market & competitors research
  • VP & BM workshop
  • Idea validation, PoC
  • Product roadmap
UX design
  • UX research
  • App flow
  • Wireframes
  • UI Layouts & Graphics
  • UI Style guide & Assets
App Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand attributes
  • Marketing materials
Web Design
  • UX research
  • Information Architecture
  • Layouts design
  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Animations

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