Your Cloud Efficiency Expert

Your Cloud Efficiency Expert

The UX/UI redesign for a cloud cost management platform that offers various instruments to help with the management, analysis, and optimization of Amazon Web Services (AWS) costs.

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  • Project idea

    Metricly offers deep insight on AWS bills and resource utilization. Not only does this cloud cost analysis and monitoring platform optimize your bills, but it also resizes your environment, in turn reducing spending. This can save both money and resources for a company.

  • Task description

    We were tasked to rethink the UX/UI of the platform. Our main job was to develop unique and creative graphic materials, as well as redesign some of the most important pages of Metricly. These included a landing page, blog, and new tech documentation pages. We strived to make them attractive and deliver consistent UX. We wanted to provide users with great experience, retaining brand consistency. Our UX/UI designs and graphics were all shaped around this goal, all the way through.

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • Web Design
  • Team size
  • Time
    1,5 year
  • Industry
    SaaS Cloud

What is Metricly?

Metricly is an AWS cost optimization platform that can save users almost 32% of their AWS bills. Critical cloud infrastructure monitoring and the development of various services are what the company is focused on. Metricly has the advantage of providing this two-way service of AWS performance capacity while monitoring all the related activities.

Everything Arounda has produced, from design to code, has been enterprise-grade quality they are fantastic to work with!
Trent Waskey
Trent Waskey
Founder at Metricly

Challenges and Objectives

Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces.

Landing page development
  • Updating the UX/UI design of the main page
  • Focusing on the target audience (DevOps)
  • Preparing new graphic materials
  • Delivering relevant messages
  • Using new design solutions to engage the audience
  • Putting high-quality graphics
  • Attracting people with the help of appealing images/animations
  • Increasing the conversion rates
Documentation tool
  • Creating a properly optimized UX design
  • Offering marketing materials for SaaS systems
  • Creating perfect data sorting system
  • Front end development for one of the client's tools
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Our team reinvented the blog section for Metricly. With its new design approach, the blog does a great job of keeping its users updated about all the AWS cost management practices and Metricly product features. It has a brilliant design that portrays the technical details with engaging UI graphics. Increased conversion rates and higher turnovers are the results of this simple yet catchy blog redesign.

metricly image
metricly image
metricly image

Landing page

The landing page of the platform now has relevant graphic materials, consistent UX, helpful information to surf through, and also a calming design. The touch of green brings a sense of trust.

metricly landing

Monitoring Tool

The new tech documentation pages for the client's product were prepared thoroughly. As it was intended for DevOps specialists, we made sure that special attention was paid there in order to sound accurate and trustful for the target audience. We also developed a front-end side for one of the client's tools. An excellent UI/UX design increased viewability and improved click-through rates.

metricly image
metricly image

How We Helped

Step-by-step Solutions

We research the technology and got a deep understanding of all technical components we had to work with.

Integrated Design

With the full involvement in the process, we created a great UX/UI for our client’s target audience — DevOps specialists.

Email Marketing

Our team updated templates for email newsletters which also added to the increase of turnovers and gross revenue.

Data Sorting System

This platform required a strong UX design that could support the load of the data and sort it at the same time.

Marketing Systems

After our deep research, we created efficient marketing materials for SaaS platforms. The blog and new email templates started to catch more attention as well.

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Landing page
Metricly’s vision is to have a financial system that enables users worldwide

Key ideas

Data Sorting Systems

The most complex solution we worked on was the data sorting system. It gives users all the information based on accurate data, saving a lot of time.

Cloud Computing

AWS cost optimization is an important part of the sales and we wanted to keep up by providing great design solutions to help users get the best experience possible.

Marketing is the Key

You need a proper marketing strategy to reach the necessary amount of people. We created strong marketing materials for SaaS platforms, email newsletters, and blog section to make this project a success.



When the client reached out to our team, the initial task was to recreate the UX/UI design for one page and add some cool graphics to make the product more attractive. As we moved forward, more issues were discovered and the client decided to do a makeover of the whole UI of the website. We designed a landing page and a blog, and made new documentation pages that didn't exist before. We also developed a high-class data sorting system and marketing strategy as well. All results were delivered on time following a T&M pricing system that is based around time and cost estimates.

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Funding Amount
3+ years

Scope of work

Discovery & Strategy
  • Define idea or company value
  • Research
  • Workshop & idea validation for startup
  • Product planning
UX/UI design
  • UX research
  • App flow
  • Wireframes
  • UI Layouts & Graphics
  • UI Style guide & Assets
Web Design
  • UX research
  • Information Architecture
  • Layouts design
  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Animations
App Development
  • Front-End Development

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