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Brand Identity: Grow Your Product and Increase Vitality

Brand Identity: Grow Your Product and Increase Vitality

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About 81% of consumers worldwide state they should trust a company before buying its products or services. Want to build trust with your customers? Then pay particular attention to your branding.

Your brand image doesn’t end with the choice of logo and corporate colors. It’s only a part of a larger whole since branding is about broadcasting your vision, values, and goals. It also evokes emotions in your customers and motivates them to come back to you again and again.

Do you want to gain recognition and make your company stand out from the crowd? Today’s article is for you! We’ll tell you about brand identity and its importance for your digital product. We’ll also share some branding tips to help you succeed.

In this post, Arounda will draw on its profound experience in delivering branding design for numerous companies. Our specialists know how to build a strong image that will convey the individuality of your product. You’ll see this in the example of our Lunchcrafters project.

What Exactly Is Brand Identity?

As for a digital product owner, branding helps you differentiate from the competition and declare yourself. These are not only physical attributes that your customers directly interact with but also intangible things.

If we talk about the physical features of your brand, they are its name, logotype, slogan, visual identity, tone of voice, and even typography.

Another more elusive component is your customers’ perception of the product. These are the emotions that your brand evokes, customers’ reactions to your messages, their experience when interacting with your product and support service, etc. It’s also how your audience feels about your company’s values.

Brand identity, in turn, is a collection of all attributes that aim to make the right impression on your customers. In other words, your brand’s DNA consists of your product characteristics, company values, and client expectations of your business.

Why Is Brand Identity Significant for Your Digital Product?

Since brand identity represents your business and products, you cannot do without branding services. So let’s look at the main reasons you should opt for them.

Represent Your Values ​​and Vision

Brand identity enables you to convey your company’s core ideas, views, and values ​​through digital products. This way, you can stand out in the market and gather an audience that shares your vision.

Boost Brand Awareness

When developing a brand identity, you first consider those aspects that will show your business from the best, non-trivial sides. Then, you also work on visual identity design, aka the ‘face’ of your product. It will help attract your customers’ attention and make your business memorable.

Differentiate Your Product from Competitors

It does not matter what niche your digital product belongs to, but if you want to attract more users, you need qualities that will make you distinct. Developing a brand identity system will help you find those attributes that will be unique to your product.

Position Your Brand and Build Customer Loyalty

You can achieve successful results by working on branding. You form the loyalty of your customers by meeting their expectations and leaving positive emotions from interaction with your product. How you position your brand also affects how your audience reacts.

Increase Your Revenue

A strong brand identity works for you, helping you attract more customers and, as a result, increase your profits. The more unique your product, the easier it is for you to draw your audience’s attention. You can get much more in the long run by investing in a branding digital identity.

Arounda’s Experience with Brand Identity

Arounda has profound expertise in creating brand identities. Our branding agency makes products that impress the digital environment with their uniqueness.

You will require the services of our branding designer if you:

  • Want to broadcast the values ​​and personality of your brand
  • Aim to create a unique brand unlike any other on the market
  • Want to position your brand appropriately and gather a loyal audience

Let’s talk a little about our approach and process to developing a brand identity.

1. First of all, our branding studio creates mood boards with concepts that best reflect your vision.

2. Next, our visual identity designer creates logo concepts based on pre-made mood boards.

3. After that, our experts develop your brand’s color palette and typography.

4. Finally, we break down visual guidelines with all the elements that will help represent your company.

For your part, you receive the following deliverables: logotype, color palette, typography, style-forming elements, corporate identity features, brand guidelines, and brand book.

Lunchcrafters is one of the products for which we created a brand identity. It’s a food delivery service where customers can get tasty meals that they can eat right away.

Lunchcrafters wanted to emphasize deliciousness, high-quality ingredients, affordable prices, and a unique customer approach. Our designers were able to convey these ideas through bright and fresh colors. We also communicated this vision through the product’s logo, web design, and UX/UI.

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity?

We have prepared a detailed guide on how you can develop your brand identity and potentially succeed. Let’s take a look at this process step by step.

1. Define Your Brand Vision

The first thing you need to do is to realize what mission your brand carries. Without this understanding, you will not be able to translate your ideas and values ​​to customers.

Your brand vision is the ideas behind your company and digital product. In other words, it is the primary purpose of your business and its value to potential customers.

To formulate your vision, you can write down your ideas, look for branding inspiration in other already successful companies, and leave with a clear understanding of your business’s purpose.

2. Design Your Logo

After you have decided on your digital product vision, you can proceed to logo design.

The logo is one of the critical elements of your brand identity, so you should pay specific attention to it. Consider how the logotype will look on different product forms, for example, a website, a mobile app, or your goods.

To create a decent logotype, you need to do some research. Look at how the logos of other companies in your niche look; this way, you can roughly decide on a relevant style. Next, choose the shape of your logotype and its colors.

3. Choose Your Brand’s Typography

Typography is another critical part of your brand identity. Fonts in your product can raise the awareness of your business as much as a logo. When choosing typography, remember that the text should be readable, recognizable, and match your logotype.

4. Choose Color Palette

Creating a color palette for your business is another way to make your product distinct and memorable. Some companies, like Tiffany & Co., went as far as patenting their signature colors.

Therefore, you should choose several colors that best reflect your ideas and harmoniously combine them.

5. Consider Other Branding Elements

In addition to the critical visual attributes of your brand, there are other matters to consider. These are things like promoting your product on social media. Also, it is the purchase of a domain name for your company. Other branding ideas include conducting offline events to connect with your community even more.

It’s also crucial to take care of your tone of voice. It is the tone that the brand follows in communication with its customers. These are the company’s internal rules of interaction with clients, uniform for all channels: websites, newsletters, social networks, and phone calls. Make sure your brand communication is consistent.

6. Maintain Your Brand Identity

Once you have developed a branding strategy, your journey does not end. Regularly review key performance metrics and customer feedback about your business. Based on the collected information, you can make some changes to your brand identity and satisfy your audience even more.

Final Thoughts

Brand identity is critical to the growth and prosperity of any digital product. It is what makes it more recognizable and memorable. Branding also affects the perception of the product by customers and helps build trust with them.

Thanks to solid brand identity, you will be able to stand out from the competition and become a real market leader. Yet, developing a branding strategy requires in-depth analysis and expert skills. In other words, the help of a branding agency is the best solution for your product.

If you need brand identity services, Arounda can help. We have in-depth expertise in this area and have assisted in translating the vision of our numerous clients. So, do not hesitate to contact our team.


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