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10 AI eCommerce Tools for Making More Money in 2023

10 AI eCommerce Tools for Making More Money in 2023

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In the bustling digital world, succeeding in eCommerce goes beyond having good products; it's about having an intelligent approach. 

Recent research predicts that the AI-Enabled eCommerce Solutions Market will grow from $3.71 billion in 2021 to a remarkable $16.8 billion by 2030. Those who embrace eCommerce AI tools and smoothly integrate new technologies will reap cost savings and experience profit growth.

At Arounda, we closely follow how artificial intelligence transforms various industries. We passionately advocate for the ways how AI is used in eCommerce.

This article explores the best AI tools for eCommerce tailored for your eCommerce venture. Our careful selection presents you with options poised to reshape your business world.

Best AI tools for eCommerce

We have compiled a list of the top ten most valuable eCommerce AI tools that will be useful for your eCommerce product. Let's delve into the functionality and benefits of each.

Jasper is an AI-powered product description generator. The tool includes multilingual finesse, SEO, and content diversification prowess. A paragon of modern business savvy, Jasper epitomizes cost-effectiveness and ingenuity. It's a transformative force, enhancing efficiency, brand coherence, and global resonance.


  • Enhance creation efficiency
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Improve customer interactions
  • Expand global reach
  • Optimize SEO
  • Elevate cost-effective strategies

Writerly's versatile no-code cloud platform caters to individuals and enterprises alike. It offers limitless output and intelligent brand personas. The tool empowers easy creation, editing, and publishing in line with brand guidelines. Writerly is intuitive and collaborative. It handles diverse content types effortlessly, from product descriptions to ad copy. Unlock curated templates or craft bespoke ones swiftly.


  • Boost creation efficiency by enhancing productivity
  • Ensure consistent brand identity across content
  • Engage customers for better interactions
  • Multilingual support expands global reach
  • Improve online visibility through SEO optimization
  • Elevate strategy cost-effectively


Descript is among the all-in-one AI tools for eCommerce for video and podcast creation. Write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share seamlessly. 

The intuitive interface and AI-driven features fuel prominent YouTube, TikTok, and podcast channels. Additionally, businesses use it for video marketing, sales, and internal collaboration. Elevate communication with Descript, integrating video alongside documents and slides.


  • Enhance sales via captivating eCommerce videos
  • Make content workflow effortless 
  • Improve podcast creation
  • Propose interactive hosting elevates businesses with seamless personalization across customer journeys. Enhance sales via site searches, product recommendations, emails, social media, and ads. offers real-time insights, search results, and advice by leveraging automated behavior analysis. Empower global customers through a comprehensive eCommerce personalization platform, enhancing shopping experiences. Witness substantial business growth as a result.


  • Real-time indexing
  • Accurate searches
  • Boost sales with smart recommendations
  • Global reach via multilingual support
  • Personalize engagement
  • Simplify catalog management
  • Enhance exploration


Syte is the next item on our list of AI tools for eCommerce. It elevates results through a visual search experience, seamlessly linking shoppers to the products they like. The platform guides shoppers to explore products, leading to increased conversions. This approach maximizes lifetime value for businesses. 

As pioneers of the Product Discovery Platform, they leverage visual AI to craft intuitive search and discovery journeys for diverse shoppers. The tool offers a visual search, automated product tagging, personalized recommendations, shoppable social curation, and more.


  • Effortless discovery via image search
  • Curate excellence with personalized tags
  • Enhance conversions through tailored recommendations
  • An efficient organization with automated tagging
  • Emotional storytelling with thematic tags
  • Insightful analytics refining offerings based on preferences


Granify employs advanced algorithms to personalize and highlight unique products. It elevates conversion potential by tailoring choices to preferences. The tool's prowess in making dynamically personalized recommendations drives conversions and revenue. 

Granify uses data-driven optimization, custom journeys, and a proven track record to revolutionize eCommerce. The outcome nurtures heightened growth within the industry.


  • Enhance conversions for increased eCommerce revenue 
  • The data-powered approach generates extra income for online retailers 
  • Engagement enhancement through the use of eCommerce machine learning, real-time data, complemented by personalized product spotlights
  • Proven impact with record tracking, including millions in monthly revenue, solidifying success


LivePerson is a game-changer in the world of customer engagement. Leveraging AI and machine learning, it pioneers the deployment of highly effective chatbots. These digital assistants work harmoniously with human support teams. It offers swift responses to customer queries during shopping. 

Customers attain fast solutions to basic inquiries through high-quality chatbots, elevating satisfaction. It, in turn, increases the probability of a successful sale. This innovation comes when instant responses are crucial, particularly for businesses with limited customer support staff.


  • Human-Centric AI merges authentic AI-human interactions 
  • Real-time recommendations and tailored support deepen engagement 
  • AI chatbots streamline care for efficiency and savings 
  • Personalized scaling boosts loyalty
  • Innovative AI-driven updates facilitate customer care


Blueshift empowers marketers to drive customer-centric engagement seamlessly across all channels. Their goal is to create AI-driven solutions that redefine customer engagement. Like its AI-driven counterparts, Blueshift focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences. It achieves this through patented AI technology that facilitates real-time journey crafting. 

It excels in paid marketing, optimizing ad budgets through data leverage. Blueshift expands its impact to SMS, email, and in-app messages. The tool customizes them to meet diverse eCommerce and website-focused requirements. 


  • Deepens customer connections across channels, optimizing budgets with data. 
  • Multichannel reach includes SMS, email, and in-app compatibility 
  • Personalization at scale boosts loyalty 
  • Dynamic adaptability optimizes the shopping journey 
  • Tailored packages, including enterprise options


MicroAI is an innovative eCommerce AI tool for the security of your product. This technology enhances device and machine performance while safeguarding OT and IT security. Furthermore, it finds application across various sectors, including manufacturing, automobiles, infrastructure, and finance. 

A pivotal technology includes AtomML, an AI solution designed to detect anomalies and inefficiencies in machines. Additionally, there's LaunchPad, a Kubernetes-based platform that facilitates intelligent machine management and offers self-service solutions like application customization.


  • Enhance engagement across channels, optimizing budgets with data-driven methods 
  • Multichannel impact through SMS, email, and in-app compatibility 
  • Enhance commitment with broad-scale personalization 
  • Dynamic adaptability for refined shopping experiences
  • Tailored packages, including enterprise options, for plans and pricing


Clarifai is one of the best examples of AI in eCommerce. It stands apart by offering more than just visual search optimization. Its versatile applications include digital asset management, facial recognition, and content moderation. Particularly useful for user-generated content, Clarifai's content moderation employs image and text models. It helps ensure uploads remain free of unwanted elements. It also extends to moderating text-based content like customer reviews and social media posts. 

The tool's advanced natural language processing identifies message intent, improving customer service via chatbots. Furthermore, it contributes to SEO efforts, effectively incorporating pertinent keywords. This results in reduced bounce rates, enhancing website performance.


  • Ensure user experience via content moderation 
  • NLP enhances chatbot interactions for tailored responses 
  • Automated labels optimize visual data
  • Versatile capabilities include assets and facial recognition 
  • Diverse plan options, including free choices, offer flexibility


In the ever-changing realm, embracing AI tools for eCommerce has rapidly become the norm. Many are ready for smooth integration, enhancing their value through complementary features. Simultaneously, specific tools require more time and resources for optimal alignment. 

However, their primary objective remains consistent: to improve your product's efficiency, minimize unproductive efforts, and foster financial growth. Recognizing that these examples of AI in eCommerce have the potential to enhance your product's performance is crucial. They can optimize operations, aiding in financial success.

At Arounda, we sincerely believe in the power of AI. We use these tools daily and engage in projects that involve AI solutions for businesses like SageExpress

So, contact us if you seek a design partner to amplify your business or need additional information about integrating AI into your eCommerce product.


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What is artificial intelligence in eCommerce?

Let's start by defining how AI is used in eCommerce. In this context, AI uses machine learning eCommerce algorithms and software. It enhances the efficiency of the operation. In the ever-evolving landscape of eCommerce, AI takes center stage as a transformative force. This groundbreaking technology analyzes customer behavior, elevates the shopping experience, and fine-tunes operational effectiveness. AI tools for eCommerce play a versatile role. It crafts seamless product suggestions and deploys agile chatbots. It also tailors exclusive promotions and uncovers deceptive actions. Overall, AI enhances the essence of digital commerce.

Examples of AI in eCommerce

AI's impact on eCommerce unfolds through personalized product recommendations. This sophisticated application leverages customer data and browsing patterns, crafting bespoke suggestions. It elevates shopping experiences, fostering a more engaging link between discerning consumers and a range of offerings.

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