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When Should You Hire Remote Dedicated Developers for Your Project

When Should You Hire Remote Dedicated Developers for Your Project

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If you aim to develop a digital product, you probably face a dilemma: who should you hire for this task? The IT market offers many options. Freelance workers, outsourcing specialists, or an in-house team — are all available options.

Yet, freelancers may not always be able to complete your project, miscommunication with outsourced specialists may occur, and an in-house team is sometimes just too expensive. Is there any other, more cost-effective alternative? A dedicated development team is your ideal choice. 

The global IT outsourcing market has amounted to more than $526 billion in 2021 and will grow to $682 billion in 2027. As a part of this market, a dedicated team cooperation model is also gaining more and more popularity.

Keep reading this article and find out when you need to hirededicated developers. Arounda will explain which projects this business model is suitable for and list the main reasons for choosing this particular approach.

As a company that provides dedicated development and design services, we know the advantages of this approach for businesses like no one else. With 133 completed projects and over five years of experience, Arounda helps startups and established companies thrive.

Dedicated Development Team as a Business Model

Dedicated developers are outsourcing specialists on demand. You contact a remote development agency, and it, in turn, selects experts according to your project’s requirements.

These remote developers might collaborate with your in-house team or take exclusive responsibility for the development. With this business model, you have complete control over the work processes, the tasks, and the outcomes you evaluate. Thus, you can avoid pitfalls and stay in the loop about all development activities.

A dedicated team is more than just implementing your project according to its specifications. These are specialists who also help your business grow.

How does it work? Unlike, for example, an ordinary outsourcing company, dedicated developers become not just executors of tasks but full-fledged members of your company. That is, they know the specifics of your business and do everything to promote its success.

The dedicated team’s composition is not just limited to developers. It also includes such specialists as UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, QA specialists, etc. It is an entirely autonomous team that can accompany your project from the discovery stage to its market launch.

Types of Projects a Dedicated Development Team Is Most Suitable For

Spoiler alert! A dedicated external development model is a universal solution regardless of the size of your business and your project type. The reason for this is this collaborative approach’s high scalability and flexibility.

Nevertheless, we will highlight the cases when a dedicated remote development team can be most beneficial to you:

Projects with Undefined Requirements and Scope

Software development is not always a well-ordered process. If you are worried that something is not going according to your plan and the project’s requirements constantly change, it’s not a problem. Dedicated specialists can adapt to any changes.

Fresh Startups

Startups just gathering steam can also benefit from hiring a dedicated team. This business model allows you to engage specialists on demand, at any time, for any tasks. As a result, startups save money on recruitment and employee retention while successfully implementing their project development goals.

Long-term Projects

If you have long-term cooperation in mind, working with a dedicated team is one of the best options. You have a group of professionals at hand who, with time, learn all your business’s peculiarities and consider them while developing software for you.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Company?

Still not sure if a dedicated product development team is right for you? Let’s look at the main reasons and situations in which such specialists will be useful.

Team Extension

The IT industry is rapidly developing and introducing more and more niches and technologies daily. Even if you already have in-house specialists, it is evident that they are not physically able to be experts in all development areas.

Therefore, when your project requires specific knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, etc., you can always hire additional dedicated developers. As a result, you will have access to in-depth expertise.

Flexibility in Work

Sometimes you cannot determine the precise project scope right away. Your product will need improvements and changes at certain points, which requires resources and time.

You can hire a dedicated team that constantly adapts to your requirements and needs. Among its other benefits is cost-effectiveness.

Long-term Development

A dedicated team easily integrates with any business. These specialists devote all their time and resources to making that business thrive. You can expand or reduce the team according to your needs. Consequently, you get employees ready to support your project for as long as you require.

Limited Budget

Imagine you need web development or any other solution that requires significant effort. Hiring in-house employees is a time-consuming and costly process. Instead, there is an excellent and no less effective alternative.

Remote dedicated developers will handle any task from front-end to back-end development. They will offer more reasonable prices than the local team. Moreover, the choice of development agency depends entirely on you. You can select the company that offers the most suitable prices.

Transparent Team Management

Let’s compare a dedicated team with a typical outsourcing company. In the first case, you expand the existing team or hire a remote one and retain control over all processes.

In the case of outsourcing development, you have minimal influence on the course of your project. You communicate only with project managers and may not know all the details. With dedicated developers, you get full transparency.

Decent Security Level

As soon as you hire a dedicated development company, you sign a contract with it. In this document, you specify all security and privacy conditions. It could be an NDA or a regulatory compliance requirement.

A dedicated team will also take care of data security in your digital product. These experts build software with security in mind; they employ cutting-edge encryption techniques, put access restrictions, and regularly update software and libraries.

Tight Deadlines

Imagine working on a digital product and realizing you are behind schedule. What should you do in this case? Hiring in-house employees is too time-consuming and challenging. So turning to a dedicated development agency is your way out of the situation.

You can quickly expand your team with qualified experts and complete the project within deadline. And after the product is ready, you can stop working with the development agency.

Administrative Expenses Reduction

Hiring an in-house team requires significant resources from you. These are budgets for interviews, recruiting, retention, and ongoing training of your office workers.

Instead, with a remote dedicated team, you can significantly reduce administrative costs.  It becomes possible since the contractor takes care of all the formalities and infrastructure while you focus on the main business processes.

Hire Dedicated Development Team with Arounda

Arounda offers a team of dedicated developers and designers who can tackle practically any task. Is that hard for you to believe? Then see what services we can provide for you.

First of all, given the size of our team, we can easily support full-cycle product development. Our experts can think through the growth strategy of your software, create effective UI/UX solutions, and implement all this by any tech means.

We also offer back-end and front-end development services. You can also hire app developer to build decent mobile solutions. Our developers work regardless of the product type, whether a web application, a marketing/corporate website, or a mobile app.

The industries in which we are particularly experienced are FinTech, Healthcare, SaaS, and Delivery services. Nevertheless, we are open to new possibilities and will work on any project, no matter the industry.

Also, we are not just experts in coding but also offer first-class user experience and interface design. Please check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

So whether you want to create a product from scratch or improve an existing one, we’re here to help. We have five years of experience working with companies of various sizes. We equally enjoy working with startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

Final Thoughts

A dedicated team can outperform in-house specialists and freelancers. This business model offers high flexibility, scalability, affordable prices, and first-class expertise.

As you can see from today’s guide on choosing a dedicated development team, such cooperation will benefit any business and project type. It is ideal for long-term development and projects with uncertain or tight deadlines.

So, if you‘ve decided to hire dedicated developers, we‘ll tell you where to find them. Arounda specialists promote friendliness and flexibility and easily integrate into any business. Thus, if you need a reliable vendor, feel free to contact our team.


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