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10 Great Podcast Design Websites and Trends in 2023

10 Great Podcast Design Websites and Trends in 2023

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Listening to podcasts on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple while driving, traveling, cooking, or studying has become a well-established habit. More than 460 million people around the world are podcast fans. That’s why these audio pieces turned into a new digital marketing tool with an average annual growth rate of 30.2% from 2019 to 2024.   

Podcast websites are a unique niche with lots of opportunities for expressing individuality. As a professional product agency, we track recent trends and collect eye-catching podcast website ideas. In this article, we list 10 examples of our favorite podcast website designs and explain what’s so special about them. 

Best Podcast Website Tools 

You don’t need to be a tech geek to launch a website for your podcast. What you need is a relevant web builder for the task. The most popular no-coding web designing tools to create podcast pages are Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.   


If you feel like a web design novice, Wix builder with its drag-and-drop tools will be your loyal assistant in building a podcast homepage. Wix offers free podcast website templates with a built-in audio player to help you launch. Then, you can feature your website on a Wix Podcast Player platform

If you already have a website, the Podcast Player app will pull your content through RSS feed URLs. 


With Squarespace, you can publish your podcast only on a separate blog page. Create podcast episodes with the help of audio blocks and add them to your blog one by one. Another option is to use one of the Media & Podcast templates. 

Squarespace generates the RSS feed in the Apple Podcasts format, but you can share it with other platforms like SoundCloud or Spotify. 


WordPress has numerous plugins that allow you to build podcasts. Blubrry PowerPress is probably the first one on the list by recognition. The plugin lets you publish your podcast to Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart, etc., add notes with graphics, apply SEO tools for RSS feed, choose from several audio and video players, and distribute your episodes to all major podcast platforms. 

Other popular WordPress podcast plugins are Fusebox Podcast Player, Seriously Simple Podcasting, and Podlove Podcast Publisher. 

Top Podcast Website Examples

The list below includes quality resources to get podcast website design inspiration. 

1. The Friday Habit

The weekly Friday business podcast demonstrates a neat and balanced design in a yellow and dark blue palette. The value and the services are explained in a few words and engaging graphics. Each episode has a thorough description that helps listeners easily understand what it’s about.


2. Zero to Exit

The podcast has a minimalistic two-color palette corresponding to the technology theme. The first screen holds a cute caricature of the hosts, a concise description of the concept, subscription services, and social media icons that are hard to pass by. There is a “sticky” audio, which allows you to listen and scroll simultaneously.  


3. The NewsWorthy

Their website conveys positivity and light. The top banner greets you with a sporty photo of the host. Main information and CTAs are designed in a cheerful poster-like manner. The website navigation is clear and creative. Take note of the Insiders page and the subscription boxes placed here and there. 


4. Teddi Tea Pod

The podcast occupies only one page of the website and drives traffic and customers to the main coaching products. Teddi Tea Pod is one of the podcast website examples that demonstrates how original content can enrich the brand and boost the business. 


5. Twenty Thousand Hertz

Twenty Thousand Hertz wins your attention with the bright artwork on the top banner and exquisite podcast website design. There is a distinctive and extensive sponsors list directly on the menu. The navigation is as simple as it can get.


6. My Perfect Console

Journalist Simon Parkin, who chats with celebrities from the video gaming industry, has chosen a lean and clear design with minimum clutter. The episodes have a grid layout and differ only by title. Although My Perfect Console is young, it is ranked in the top 50 podcasts of 2023 by the TimeOut resource


7. Dear Gabby

The design of the website is bold and cohesive. There is a photo of a charismatic host right at the top which can help to attract more listeners.  A separate Subscribe section and shining yellow play buttons are worth pointing out.     


8. The Psychedelic Leadership 

Laura Dawn uses this podcast as an additional channel to communicate her leadership strategies to the world. The page design is thoroughly thought-out with a soft brown and white palette, original patterns, and stylish fonts. The episodes are arranged in categories by keywords which makes the search quite convenient. The infinite scroll, in combination with the “sticky” player, is one of the most useful podcast website ideas. 


9. Song Exploder

Song Exploder has a special philosophy that is reflected in its design. Everything is about the authors of the songs and their stories on how they created music. There is no trace of the host Hrishikesh Hirway either in the top banner or in the episodes, or in the cover images. The elegant and lean design helps you focus on the music. 


10. Congratulations

Congratulations is branded as a “cool men podcast”. So, designers use a macho-like figure of a host on a strong blue background to convey this idea. There’s an audio player in the center of the page and a section with a huge “Patreon” title. 


Podcast Websites Design Ideas 2023

Popular podcast website examples share similar design features that help them stand out from the crowd.

Let’s make a list of their winning design ideas that are worth implementing:

  • A big top banner with the name of the podcast, an image of the host, or eye-catching art 
  • Matching color schemes of the podcast page and the rest of the website
  • The latest episode displayed at the top of the podcast page
  • A 3-column episode layout with different but typical cover images  
  • An individual URL for each episode. This helps to optimize SEO and increase traffic to your website  
  • А “sticky” audio player that allows you to scroll the episodes and listen to them simultaneously
  • Podcast info including description, hosts, title, subscribe buttons, and social media icons in a separate section of the homepage


As you see from the podcast websites design examples, the podcast page contributes to the brand’s value and recognition. You can also turn podcasts into monetization tools. So, if you think of creating audio content, give it a try.    

The best part is that building a podcast page doesn’t require deep knowledge of web design. Web builders are an accessible way to create your podcast page on your own. We hope that podcast website design ideas from this article will encourage your creativity.

However, if you need assistance in cohesive UI/UX design or a branding strategy for your podcast website, our agency, with over 130 completed design projects for websites, mobile apps, SaaS, and blockchain, is here to help.


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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a show that you can listen to online. Audio files are shared with the help of RSS feeds so that consumers can download or stream episodes on their devices.

How do I create a podcast website?

Generally, you’ll have to choose a web host, design your podcast website, and upload original audio content.

What should a podcast website include?

Some features are a must for podcast design websites. You need an audio player, subscribe buttons on main podcast platforms, pictures for a top banner and episode covers, and a brief description of your content.

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