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Get Your Customers' Love Back: How To Conduct a UX Redesign for Your Project

Get Your Customers' Love Back: How To Conduct a UX Redesign for Your Project

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In 2021, going online is a must for any company due to the pandemic effect on our lives. The Internet gives businesses opportunities to grow and develop but simply having a website or application is not enough. They must meet your customers' needs and be consistent, logical, and recognizable.

Yet, in some cases, people may not love or even use them. Why? The reason may be that the UX is poor. 67% of customers will choose your competitors if they have a bad user experience.

"67% of customers will choose your competitors if they have a bad user experience."

For example, users do not perform the desired actions, as they get stuck at some website pages. Forms are too long and collect too much information. Or the checkout process is complicated. In this case, a professional UX redesign comes to the rescue! It provides a business with better user experience solutions. 

User experience, or UX, determines the behavior and decisions. It evokes the feeling of the right things at the right places. We can describe it as the way a website feels. Sometimes, the websites or apps that look great are useless. Beautiful banners do not have buttons. Dynamic layouts do not scroll right. Multi-functional websites look good on the desktop, but the mobile version is poor.

It happens when the visual representation does not correspond to real user expectations. A user cannot find the checkout button, fill in the form, or find the product. It all causes loss of leads, poor ROI, low conversions, and as a result, insufficient income. 

In this article, we are going to outline the key aspects of UX redesign for businesses. You will get information about how to assess your current UX. We will answer how to determine the right time for a redesign and what its benefits are. Additionally, we will talk about the process of redesign. 

When thinking about UX, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind. 88% won’t ever return to the website if they had a bad user experience. Are you ready to lose 88% of your customers? We bet you don’t. So let’s move to the first point and try to estimate the quality of your website UX.

When to Do a UX Redesign?

UX redesign is the process of polishing, re-developing, and re-creating UX touchpoints. These are the points where your UX disenchants your users. For example, the website navigation is too complicated. It takes too many steps to get to account. Adding a product to the card requires more than one click. We do not need to create new visuals, but we need to understand how to do a UX redesign. We need to fix the logic of the user flow and make it more suitable for the situation.

If someone notices problems with your website, you need a redesign. Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group, tweeted: "When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience” or… SUX?"

Indeed, some small issues may turn into great problems. Moreover, they may result in the loss of clients.

There are 7 basic scenarios when you should consider UX redesign. Here they are:

  • You have developed new features and want to add them to the website or app
  • Your website is not optimized: the load speed is low, the search engine ranking is bad
  • Users do not click on the links or buttons
  • Users have problems with website navigation
  • Users don’t understand the next step
  • Users spend too much time on your website. But they do not convert into leads
  • You’ve noticed any decrease in the conversion rate

If you are now in one (or even more!) of these situations, UX redesign is the key to improve your business rates. It would be nice to conduct a preliminary UX audit or user testing. You will get a clear understanding of what exactly is wrong.

Maddison Long from CloudOps also recommends: "Conduct internal usability tests with employees on other teams who have never interacted with the tool in question. Record them trying to figure out how the tool works without first telling them. This perspective could be invaluable in making the product as intuitive as possible."

Often, similar businesses face similar UX problems. For example, the performance of startup UX suffers from:

  • Unclear MVP
  • Poor mobile version
  • Long and complicated forms

E-commerce businesses also have a list of common issues:

  • Too wide choice 
  • Absence of recommendations
  • Absence of products on the main page

 Users of service businesses have problems with the following:

  • Unclear business ideas 
  • Absence of contacts
  • Multi-step registration

Fortunately, these problems have solutions. And UX redesign finds them. Additionally, it provides interfaces with a list of benefits that help businesses to grow faster.

What Are the Benefits of a UX Redesign?

Sometimes, the question is not how to conduct a UX redesign but why to do that. The benefits are not clear. But we’re going to explain to you how it can help you with your website or app and business as a result.

So who can help you with UX redesign? Redesigning a website's user experience requires a complex approach. It’s vital to understand the audience and its behavioral patterns. Also, the knowledge of the best UX practices is necessary. Being skilled in Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, or other tools will help you create a good prototype. 

Of course, you can find and fix some minor issues on your own. But in most cases, you'll need professional assistance. Developers spend 50% of their time fixing issues which you could avoid by hiring a team of UX wizards. It will help to ensure a flawless experience for your users. In this way, UX redesign can become a magic tool for your business.

You will develop an effective user flow

It means that your users no longer need to click on different website links to find the page they are looking for. They will no longer fill in a  three-page form to provide you with tons of unnecessary information. They will get all the necessary CTA buttons right in front of them.

You will fix the mistakes in sales funnels

Poor UX can hurt your sales funnels as well. If you have noticed that your landing pages do not convert, you need to check their UX. A good UX can yield up to a conversion rate of up to 400%.

"A good UX can yield up to a conversion rate of up to 400%."

You will improve website metrics

Bounce rate can also depend on UX and time on page duration and even page views. Analyze the current stats of your website. You will notice how the tiniest changes in UX affect the numbers.

You will please your clients

Internet users will hardly tell you that UX is bad. They will leave the website or quit the app with no farewell words. And vice versa, when they get to the website or app they like, they make purchases and order. They return to these sites, as their experience was great. And this is your goal — to provide users with such an experience that they want to become your loyal clients

Every single company or business will find some personal benefits of UX audit. It depends on the goals for UX website redesign. For example, the bounce rate of their blog got lower (and they just added clear navigation!). For you, the benefits may be different. But they have one thing in common: they all help your business grow.

UX Redesign Process: 5 Steps

UX redesign is an ever-ending process that happens all the time. The behavior pattern changes, as well as the UX trends. If you want to keep your website up to date, you need to change UX from time to time. You can also introduce bigger changes when you add some new features.

Imagine the situation. You’ve decided to upgrade your informational website to an e-commerce store. But you haven’t added any Buy now button, as well as a cart. Your users need to write you emails to place an order. Well, this is an example of the worst e-commerce UX ever. 

So how to approach a ux redesign? As a tool that is helping and effective if used to solve certain problems and reach settled goals.

Let’s get back to business. The UX redesign process happens in five steps, and here’s a brief tutorial you can use: 

1. Conduct UX research for redesigns

If you don’t know your problems, you don’t know what kind of problems you need to work on right now. Of course, you can act following intuition. But in this way, you cannot predict the results of the changes. UX audit gives you an understanding of what is good, what is bad, and how you can use this information. 

You can conduct the basic research by answering these questions:

  • On what pages, elements, or actions do customers decide to quit your website or app?
  • What elements of interface do users find too complicated to understand?
  • What causes these problems?
  • What improvements can you introduce to make your interface better?

We would also recommend analyzing your direct and indirect competitors to find the right vector for further development.

2. Analyze your users

How do your users act when they come to your website? Often, website users act as they’ve got used to. These are best practices. Many websites use the same patterns. For example, the user knows that he will add the item to the cart if he clicks the Buy now button.

The behavior of your users can show the drawbacks of your UX. You may focus on the actions that they never perform. For example, they do not read 1000-word descriptions of the product. They need only information. Thus, you may decrease the number of scrolls by omitting this information.

These three tools will help you understand how users act when they come to your website:

  • Hotjar helps to understand how users experience a website by using heatmaps and tracking user actions. 
  • Maze helps to test prototypes and collect feedback from real users and get it in the form of report
  • UXtweak helps to analyze the behavior of users by collecting information and conducting UX studies.

Google Form and SurveyMonkey will come in handy to collect detailed feedback about your website or application. 

Tools to track the behavior of website visitors will differ depending on the website goals and size.

3. Set business goals

If you want to redesign a user experience but don't know why, we have bad news for you. Any redesign is useless if you do not understand why you need these changes. Settled goals allow us to understand the basic analysis principles: what you have now and what results you expect to get from these actions.

By setting SMART business goals it gets easier to reach the results.

Also, business goals (e.g., increase conversion rate, boost sales, attract new customers, etc.) will help you focus on UX fixes. Thus, you can develop a plan for the redesign process.

4. Introduce changes

So you’ve started to fix UX. You want to make all the fixes in one day. Yet, even the smallest changes can affect the experience of the user. They can also affect the metrics of your website.

It's important to understand what metrics affect user behavior.

It’s better to introduce changes step by step. Also, track how they affect website performance.

5. Conduct user tests

Your users are the ones who will decide on whether your new UX design is good or bad. To avoid unexpected situations or results, better conduct user tests. These are the examples of tools that can help you simplify this process:

To conduct a user testing effectively, remember to plan the test, record the process and analyze it.

In this way, you will be able to understand what changes to make next. You will also understand how to fix what you’ve made.

How Much Does a UX Redesign Cost?

If you’re ready to redesign your UX, you can do that independently or ask for help. Yet, to get qualified and professional help, you will need to pay for the job. 

UX redesign cost will differ depending on the following factors:

  • A freelancer or a company
  • Quality of services
  • Process of redesign (how many steps it includes)
  • Time
  • Budget

If you are limited in budget, you can always hire a freelancer: their prices are very reasonable. On Upwork, you will find UX designers with hourly rates from $15 to $50 and higher. 

You can also hire an agency to conduct the whole redesign process for you. Agency will also be responsible for all management aspects. According to a review, a simple redesign can cost $15,000 to $30,000. Growth-driven agencies have a little bit lower prices — from $5,000 to $10,000 per month. The total costs will depend on the scope of work you order.

Arounda Case Study: Successful UX Redesign for Bold App

We’ve been working on the UX redesign and consulting for many companies. Our main rule is that every business requires a personal approach. The projects may look similar but their goals are different. Thus, the solutions are different. And this approach leads us to success.

Often, clients come to us with complex requests. For example, to animate some elements and redesign pages. Additionally, they order UX audit and UX redesign — to improve the experience of the customers.

However, some companies still underestimate UX, and it's the main challenge we face. They think about UI and try to fix the visuals but forget about interfaces. We’ve determined some of the other common challenges we face:

  • No clear vision of user flow. Before we start a redesign process, we always make sure that the company knows the user flow. Additionally, we may conduct some research to make sure that the information is still relevant.
  • Zero standards. When an app or a website has no standards, a customer journey turns into a mess. We start our work by developing documentation on standards to determine how the website or app will feel for a customer.
  • Poor mobile version. There are 7.1 bn mobile users over the world. Ignoring mobile may turn into a catastrophe for the business. We always put mobile first.

Steps of UX redesign for Bold app case

Bold is an application developed to get rid of negative thoughts with the help of meditations and affirmations. Video and music content are used to reach the desired effect.

The company approached us to carry out our UX audit and improve an app. When we started to work on the project, we noticed that the UX of the app was poor and out-of-demand. 

Challenges we faced working with Bold

  • UX audit
  • Optimization of iOS app
  • UX and UI redesign
  • Flawless usability for all target groups

Solutions we developed to reach the goals

After a thorough analysis of the Bold mobile application, our team concluded that the current UX has too many major issues, including missing screens. The interaction was too complicated for a user. These conclusions brought us to the decision of rethinking UX.

We helped to identify the problem and fix it at the stage of development. We saved costs on further fixes and created an interface that works from the first seconds of the product launch.

Bold results in numbers

Currently, the number of Bold users has reached 1000. We’ve been in a close partnership with the company for two years already. Due to the upgraded interface and new identity (that we also crafted for the client), users started to pay more attention to the app. 

To promote an app, we also developed a go-to-market strategy (as well as created a landing page). These actions also resulted in the success of the Bold app.

Ready to Conduct UX Redesign and Improve Your Interface Performance?

Sometimes the necessity of UX design is not obvious. Even professional UX designers may not notice that something could have been better. It is hard to understand the performance of a website without a UX audit.

Fixing UX problems is an effective way to improve all website or app rates. It’s one of the best options if you want to prevent a negative user experience. Your customers will appreciate that.

There is a new business-results world over there! We at Arounda will provide you with all the necessary information on your project interface improvement.

If you want to know more about redesigning UX of your website or product, feel free to contact us. Don’t hesitate to open the door of the UX-redesign.


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