Food you love, delivered to you by Velonto

Food you love, delivered to you by Velonto

An idea that was shaped and evolved into the full-service product to connect customers, freelance cyclists, restaurants and other local businesses in Austria. From strategy, market research, and branding to full-cycle product development carried out by our team

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  • Project idea

    A courier platform that helps cyclists and e-scooter riders make money in their spare time. The service had to be simple, yet immensely useful to all delivery parties involved, offering a high number of incoming orders and quick turnarounds.

  • Task description

    The client reached out to us to help them carry out all stages of product development. These included market analysis and further business model adjustment; branding strategy and its implementation; mobile apps and website development. The product had to be primarily tested in a single city and then scaled across the country.

  • Discovery & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • App Development
  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Team size
  • Time
    1.5 years
  • Industry
    Food delivery

What is Velonto?

An Austrian based startup that promotes environmentally friendly delivery services. Velonto platform helps busy working people save time for important commitments by bringing meals and parcels in a fast and sustainable way with zero CO2 emissions.

Arounda’s work and mindset represents the pinnacle of perfection while still being highly efficient and communicative
Josef Chen
Jozef Chen, CEO at Velonto

Challenges and Objectives

Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces.

  • Fast delivery for time-sensitive packages
  • Need help with small tasks
  • Food delivered with a few clicks
  • Work more effectively
  • Help the city dwellers
  • Use your hobby as work
  • Earn money by cycling
  • Address the pollution issue
  • More clients
  • Risk-free deliveries
  • Improved reputation
  • Market exposure and support
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Our goal was to show through colors and a visual appearance that Velonto is a reliable assistant when it comes to small everyday tasks. We came up with a unique brand identity and made sure it is consistent in every medium, both mentally and visually. Spacious blue color, clean and uncluttered UI reveal calm, trust, freedom, and harmony.

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velonto image
velonto image
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Mobile Apps

To get the most out of your product you'll need an all-in-one delivery management tool. We designed dedicated mobile applications both for clients and bike riders. Place orders wherever you are, track delivery time and status. For riders, we added a set of essential delivery guidelines to completely reduce the number of human errors.

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velonto image
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Web Application

Want to place an order from your laptop? No problem! Velonto web client — developed by our team — lets you find your favorite food and place an order in a few clicks. We made sure the platform is intuitive and easy to use to help customers become confident and more engaged with a service on all stages of delivery.

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velonto image
velonto landing
velonto landing

Landing page

Custom landing pages were created to help Velonto spread the word about their eco-friendly delivery service, market their core message and increase brand awareness amongst customers and partners. Thanks to the intuitive design and thought-through UI website visitors get answers to all questions in one place, without having to call or email the support service.

How Velonto Helped

Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces.

A unique value proposition

Carry out small errands by bike any time you want. Make money from your hobby.

Ecological sustainability

Green transport as the main. Zero CO2 emissions and no negative impact on the environment.

Experience accumulation

Fast, responsive and user-oriented service delivers better UX and generates a higher number of orders.

Landing pages

Increase conversion rates via relevant messages to the users, ensure high customer satisfaction.

Marketing websites

Engage audiences with beautiful designs and convert users into returning customers.

Save and make money on small errands while keeping the environment clean

Key ideas

Save time

Clients can fully trust their errands to a well-trained net of cyclists in the area.

Be more effective

New branding elements and order-processing algorithms help complete more orders for shorter periods of time.

Earn money

The good and flexible interface encourages users to place more orders, increase customer retention, thus giving more profit opportunities for bike riders and local businesses.



Within a year and a half of working with Velonto, we built branding identity from scratch, established a new approach in logistics, developed a full set of software components and marketing materials needed for a successful product rollout. We also integrated a strong engagement strategy for cyclists and e-scooter riders to keep them motivated to complete as many deliveries as possible — the better courier is, the higher-paid orders he gets.

Thanks to the agile development approach and continuous improvement of the product carried out by our team, Velonto now processes orders two times faster, has a well-developed net of couriers, and a strong reputation among customers, restaurants and supermarkets in Austria. While you're reading this, food, packages, and documents are being delivered to the hundreds of customers via Velonto.

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Union (EU)
10 000+

Scope of work

Discovery & Strategy
  • Define idea value
  • Market & competitors research
  • VP & BM workshop
  • Idea validation, PoC
  • Product roadmap
UX/UI design
  • UI Style guide & Assets
  • App flow
  • Wireframes
  • UI Layouts & Graphics
  • UI Style guide & Assets
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand attributes
  • Marketing materials
Web Design
  • UX research
  • Information Architecture
  • Layouts design
  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Animations

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